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032: How do I set a vacation or out-of-office message on my email?


Faculty and staff:

In Microsoft Outlook Web Access (, log in and select:

Options > Out of Office Assistant

Many options are available. You may turn on the out-of-office message permanently, or restrict it to particular dates. You can send messages only to people in your Contacts list. Or you may configure an optional message for those not in your list (though this might include spammers or other senders to which you would not really want to respond). Choose your options as needed and click the Save button at top.


In MyMail (, log in and select:

Settings > Vacation Responder (on the General tab)

Turn on the Vacation Responder. Select a beginning and (optional) end date for the automatic response. Type a Subject line (“I’m not checking email regularly right now” or “I’m away from my desk” might work.) Type a more explanatory message as well. You may also wish to select one of the options to respond only to senders who are already in your address book or only to senders at email addresses. This will prevent sending your vacation response to mailing lists, spammers, and the like. Click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page to finish.