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047: I am having problems with a web page I am creating; where can I get help?


This FAQ generally refers to traditional hand-coded HTML web pages, but may have application to other pages as well, since one can hand-edit WordPress code by clicking the “Text” button within those web pages.

When a web page you write just doesn’t look right, the culprit is generally incorrect HTML code in the page. There are many resources available to help you solve “broken HTML” problems.

The ITS Web Services page ( includes further information on web-page creation.

•  Maintaining Your Website (

•  A simple introduction to HTML tags (

•  Managing pages remotely (

Some useful external web resources not affiliated with Mines include:

•  The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) code validator ( which lets you check your code for common mistakes

•  W3Schools HTML code reference documentation (


If you have a broken WordPress web page (served via or a departmental web site like, submit a request for assistance to the Communications & Marketing office (