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095: How do I create a rule to filter email using Microsoft Outlook?


Creating an Inbox Rule (an email “filter”) in Outlook is done a number of different ways, depending on the version of Outlook in use. (The web-based Microsoft Web Access interface — — also allows for the creation of Inbox Rules.)

In general,

  1. Find and click on the menu item marked “Rules” or “Inbox Rules,” then click “New” to create a new rule.
  2. Select the attribute for which you want a rule, like “When the message arrives and it was sent from…” or “When the message arrives and subject line contains…”.
  3. Select the action you wish to take, like “Move the message to folder…” (create a new folder here, if necessary) or “Delete message.”
  4. Click OK or Save, as applicable.


If you would like help configuring filter rules for your particular version of Microsoft Outlook or for Outlook Express, please submit a support request to the Mines Help Center at