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097: What is the default configuration of a new (Cardea) Quarantine Inbox account?


New Quarantine Inbox ( accounts are created with these default configuration settings:

  • Quarantine is enabled. New messages sent to your address, though not mailing lists or hidden addresses, and identified as [spam-high] will be held on by the Cardea spam filter server unless you have whitelisted the sender’s address or instruct the system to deliver the message to you.
  • Quarantine Notification is set to Daily. A daily email message will be sent to you, with a summary list of all quarantined messages. You can review this list and determine what to do with individual messages. If you login to the spam filter server, you can look at the first 50 lines of any message in text mode to help you determine if you want to have the message delivered. You can also change the notification period to one week or turn it off, but you should not turn the notification off.
  • Enable Spam Scanning is set to Yes. If this option is turned off, then no email that is sent to your address will be analyzed for spam characteristics, so it will not be tagged. Email messages sent to some mailing lists or hidden addresses may continue to be tagged with spam subject-line tags.
  • Whitelists and blacklists are empty. Your account is initially created with an empty whitelist and an empty blacklist. You need to add entries to these lists as you need them. ITS recommends you whitelist the addresses of people with whom you routinely communicate so their messages do not get marked as spam.

Be careful about messages that appear to be from friends or relatives, but may actually carry viruses. Many of these messages “spoof” (impersonate) the sender and you receive them because you are in someone’s address book. Always be suspicious of email messages that don’t seem quite right.


You should change your Cardea password when your quarantine inbox account has been created.