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100: How do I enable spam filtering and set up the filters in my email program?


To effectively manage spam, ITS’s best-practice suggestions are:

  • Establish a ITS quarantine inbox ( and enable the quarantine option to filter incoming spam. 
  • Configure your email software with “Inbox rules” or “filters” that move spam-tagged messages to trash, to a spam folder, or delete them outright. Details for Thunderbird and Outlook email clients are available elsewhere in FAQfinder. 
  • Spam-identified messages will now be filtered according to your settings. There are many email client programs and all have different filtering capabilities; you need to learn how to set up filters, or rules, for your particular email client.

You should routinely review your spam and quarantine mailbox to check for messages falsely marked positive for spam, whitelist the sender through your quarantine inbox account and move the message to your Inbox. See ITS’s Spam Filtering ( web page for information on managing quarantine inbox accounts and preferences.