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103: What type of software is available to manage Mines email? What is MyMail? What is Exchange Mail or Microsoft Outlook Web Access (MOWA or OWA)?


ITS supports two main email systems on campus: (1) email for students, referred to as MyMail ( or Mines Gmail, and (2) email for faculty and staff, known as Exchange Mail (, Microsoft Outlook Web Access, MOWA, or OWA.

Because both of these systems are web-based, members of the Mines community can access their Mines email from anywhere that offers a web browser and Internet connection.

While Exchange Mail and MyMail are Internet-based methods for accessing email, they can also be used with traditional, standalone email clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird (Windows, MacOS, Linux), Mac Mail (MacOS only), Microsoft Outlook (Windows only), or Evolution (Linux only). Exchange Mail users (faculty and staff) who make heavy use of Exchange calendars may be particularly interested in Microsoft Outlook or Mac Mail and Calendar, which have the best Exchange calendar support by far. (Though harder to configure, Thunderbird can access Exchange calendars via the free “Lightning” and “Exchange EWS Provider” add-ons.)  For instructions on configuring common email client programs, see our Mines Email Services ( page. For help configuring your email client, contact ITS via the Mines Help Center at


Be careful when using standalone email programs. Understand your configuration options. Non-web-based email programs like Thunderbird or Outlook should generally be configured to access email through an IMAP or Native Exchange connection, respectively, rather than via a POP connection.