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114: How do I get a Mines personal website?


Mines faculty, staff, and students students may create a personal homepage on Mines servers (with some restrictions). To activate your personal homepage follow the steps given on


Personal homepages hosted by Mines must retain headers and footers (which includes a disclaimer). In addition, personal homepages are only available while you are employed or enrolled at Mines. Take steps to back up your information before leaving Mines.

While ITS support staff may occasionally be able to solve a technical problem regarding your personal home page, the creation and administration of page contents are your personal responsibility. ITS is not involved in day-to-day personal web-page construction or maintenance.

Use of Mines resources to publish and manage personal web pages is governed by various school policies. Before creating your site, please familiarize yourself with the various appropriate-use policies ( and the personal-homepage policy (

For more information, see ITS’s main Web Services page (