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118: How do I request access to network or computing resources for my campus guest(s)?


There are several options available depending on your guest’s role on campus.

  1. Guests who need only temporary, limited access to the Internet have a new “unauthenticated guest” option available to them. To access this option, connect to the CSMguest campus wireless network and open any browser page. You should be redirected to a sign-in page that will allow you to insert a valid email address and receive 24 continuous hours of campus wireless access. Repeat this process as necessary.

    Such guests will not be able to reach campus resources such as printers or library journals, but this option should suffice for 95 percent of visitors to campus. Note: Mines faculty or staff members are not required to sponsor users connecting to the network in this fashion.

  2. Guests who need more, continuous access to Mines resources must be sponsored by a Mines faculty or staff member. Such guests may include volunteers; short-course, workshop, or conference participants; vendors; non-Mines members of Mines committees, and others.

    To acquire such access, the sponsoring Mines employee should, for best service, complete the appropriate form five days before guests are due to arrive: Though a physical signature is no longer required, the sponsoring Mines employee remains responsible for the network activity of guests.

    After submitting the form, the sponsor will receive login credentials (via email) to distribute to their guest or guests. Guests should then connect to the CSMguest network and open any web page. They will then be redirected to a special login page. Network access will continue for the duration of the term specified in the original request.

  3. Mines faculty, staff, or students should not use the above methods. Members of the Mines community should register their computers directly on the main campus wireless network using their MultiPass credentials to receive full, permanent, uninterrupted access to the school wireless network and all campus computing resources.

    To do so, connect to the CSMwireless (not CSMguest) network and open any page in a web browser. You will be redirected to a form that will allow you to acknowledge our network-use policy and sign in with your MultiPass credentials. After 10 minutes, reboot your computer to enable permanent access to that wireless network from that computer while on campus. This needs to be done only once per laptop computer, tablet, or phone.

  4. Others, including long-term contractors, non-remunerated employees, and so on, may need access to various portions of the Mines network infrastructure and computing services. Such services include wireless-network access, VPN access, access to Trailhead (the Mines institutional portal), access to Canvas (courseware), a MultiPass account for access to Linux labs and various services such as VPN, an ADIT account for access to Windows computers, and even a Mines email account. Since these services may be awarded in many combinations, this operation is typically performed on a case-by-case basis. To begin the process, a Mines faculty or staff sponsor of the individual in question must submit a Custom-Role Authorization Form ( and specify resources needed. More information on the Custom-Role Authorization Form is available here: versionText only version.

All physical forms may be submitted at the campus Information & Technology Solutions (ITS) administrative desk in CT244; via FAX at (303) 273-3475; or by email to the Mines Help Center ( If in doubt, a support request to Mines Help Center will always get the ball rolling.


What are these various campus resources used for? This table may help with the confusion.

ITS-Managed ResourcesNotes

Wireless network access

Allows individuals to access the Internet and more wirelessly with their own device(s) such as laptops, tablets, and phones.

VPN access

The campus Virtual Private Network, or VPN, allows access from outside campus, through the campus firewall, to resources that are normally available only on the campus network. This access by itself does not include any computer accounts.
Trailhead account

Trailhead is the campus portal and is not likely to be used by non-Mines individuals. However, lab equipment may be scheduled through Trailhead. To schedule this equipment, contact the individual who maintains the lab equipment in question. For more extensive Trailhead access, complete the Custom Role Authorization Form.
Canvas account

Canvas is online "courseware" or "learning-management system" that is used to create class web pages and as an information repository for university committees. Typical person needing access: a non-Mines participant in a campus committee. For Canvas access, complete the Custom Role Authorization Form.
Linux labs

This account is used to access various Linux-based campus resources, including Linux computer labs. Typical person needing access: a short-course or workshop participant in a Linux lab; research collaborators of Mines faculty and staff. For a Linux lab account, complete the Custom Role Authorization Form.
Windows labs

Provides access to the Windows labs in most campus departments, the CTLM building, and the Library. Typical person needing access: a short-course or workshop participant in a Windows lab; research collaborator of Mines faculty and staff. For a Windows lab account, complete the Custom Role Authorization Form.
Email account

A campus email account is generally reserved for students, faculty, and staff. Long-term research collaborators may be eligible for a campus email account. Such accounts will be authorized only rarely, in special circumstances. To request a Mines email account, complete the Custom Role Authorization Form or submit a question about the process to the Mines Help Center (