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121: How do I use a shared Google resource calendar with my MyMail or Google Calendar?


Google resource calendars can be used for scheduling equipment or rooms on campus. If you have been given permission to schedule events on a Google resource calendar (or “invite the resource”), the calendar manager will need to set permissions on the calendar for your MyMail or Gmail/Google account. You will be sent an automated message that the calendar was shared with you and the shared calendar will be automatically added to your MyMail or Google Calendar “Other calendars” list. The calendar manager may also share information about information to include in your calendar events when you schedule the equipment or resource.

A MyMail or Gmail account is highly recommended for users who need to schedule resources on shared Google resource calendars. Mines students can use their MyMail accounts.  Mines staff or non-Mines users who do not already have a Gmail account and do not want to manage another email account, can create a Gmail account and set the account to forward the email to their Mines email account or a personal email account.

More information about using Google Calendars with a Google account vs Gmail account can be found on the Google Calendar support web site (

I. Configure Your MyMail or Gmail Account to Use With a Google Resource Calendar

Once the calendar manager sets your permissions on the calendar, you should receive an email message and the shared calendar should be automatically added to your “Other calendars” list.

To verify that the resource calendar has been shared with you:

  1. Login to your MyMail or Gmail account.
  2. Navigate to the “Calendar” tab.
  3. In the left hand column, look for the shared calendar in your “Other calendars” list.

Add the name and email address for the shared calendar to your email contacts.  (This will make it easier to schedule an event.)

  1. To the right of the name of the shared calendar in your “Other calendars” list, click on the down arrow and select “Calendar settings.”
  2. Copy the “Calendar ID” (email address) of the shared calendar.
  3. Create an email contact with the calendar name and Calendar ID.  For help creating an email contact, see Gmail Editing Contacts help ( Note: You may have to logout and log back in before you can see/use the new email contact with your Google Calendars.

If you do not see the shared calendar in your “Other calendars” list, please contact the calendar manager and ask for the calendar to be shared with you.

II. Schedule an Event on a Shared Resource Calendar

  1. Login to your MyMail or Gmail account and navigate to the “Calendar” tab.
  2. Make sure that your personal calendar and the shared resource calendar are visible. (Each visible calendar has its own color on the left-hand side and within the main calendar window.)
  3.  Click on the day and time you would like to schedule the resource calendar.
  4. In the “Event” dialog box, click “Edit event.”
  5. Enter a Title and Description for your event according to the guidelines given to you by the resource-calendar manager.
  6. Select your personal calendar from the “Calendar” drop-down selector.
  7. In the “Add Guests” box to the right, add the resource’s Calendar Name. (If you created a contact for the resource calendar, the name should show up as you type.)
  8. When you are finished, click the “Save” button.


If you have problems adding a shared resource calendar or scheduling an event, refer to the Google Calendar support web pages ( or contact the resource calendar manager.