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When students graduate or otherwise leave Mines, and when faculty and staff retire or resign from the school, what happens to their email, computer accounts, and electronic files stored on Mines servers? In general, all these services may go away fairly quickly. Thus it is imperative for those leaving the school to transfer email and documents to personal accounts that they themselves control before their transition date.

Student online services (MyMail, MultiPass, Trailhead, Canvas, LonCAPA and so on) may disappear the day a student leaves Mines. In practice, there is usually some time — a few days or weeks — to transfer email to another, personal email account and to back up files stored online. For more on transferring email from the MyMail student email system to a personal email account, see FAQfinder FAQ #132 at In general, don’t delay; migrate or archive your data as soon as possible before leaving Mines.

In some cases, graduate students or faculty who published their email address in scholarly papers may be eligible for email forwarding from that email address to a new email address. Contact the ITS Email Team at to learn more.

Emeritus faculty, and all faculty on transition, are traditionally eligible to retain a courtesy email account and other accounts. (Non-emeritus retired faculty are not eligible.) However, it is a good idea to confirm this with campus Computing, Communications, and Information Technologies staff to avoid any interruption in service. If you are entering transitional retirement, or emeritus status, contact ITS via Mines Help Center ( to confirm that your accounts should remain in good standing during your transition. Please do so well in advance of your planned transition date.

Other faculty and staff accounts will be removed based on information received from Human Resources when the employee leaves the school. How quickly those accounts will be removed depends on the circumstances of each individual case. 

For more on school policies concerning email, please visit FAQfinder FAQ #6 at

In sum, all individuals leaving Mines should back up their personal (not school-owned) files — papers, dissertations, data, computer code — to multiple personally owned storage media such as external USB hard drives or USB flash drives, or to personally controlled “cloud” storage. Students using MyMail should export their email to a personal email account. Faculty using Exchange email should request that their email be exported as a PST file, which can then be imported into a new email program or account. Contact Mines Help Center to request that your email PST file be sent directly to you.

And, of course, all these steps should be taken well before the individual’s final transition date.