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135: What is a Mines Mailman mailing list? What is a “listserv”? How can I send email using Mailman?


Mines Mailman is a ITS-administered system that allows sending of mass emails to specified groups or “lists” of faculty, staff, or students. (This is sometimes known as a “listserv” system.) Please see our Mailman web pages ( for much more on this topic.


In an attempt to minimize the deluge of mail received by members of the Mines community, Mines introduced the Daily Blast ( in 2016. The Daily Blast is, as the name suggests, a once-per-day email summarizing many different topics that would have come as separate emails in the past. If you have an announcement, outage, or opportunity to share, the Daily Blast is now the first choice for information dissemination.

During the summer (beginning in 2018), the Daily Blast is issued weekly, not daily.