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145: How do I configure Thunderbird to access Mines Exchange calendar?


The free and open-source email client Thunderbird can access not only Mines Exchange email but also your Mines Exchange calendar. To access Exchange calendar via Thunderbird requires installing and configuring three free “add-ons.” This is one of several ways to configure Thunderbird to use Exchange Calendar — other methods, including some using paid programs, are possible.

First, start Thunderbird and click Tools > Add-Ons. Search for and install the following add-ons:

Once these plugins are installed, restart Thunderbird. It should now show an email tab and a calendar tab. If you don’t see a calendar tab, click the menu item Events and Tasks and select the Calendar option (or just press Ctrl-Shift-C).

To link Thunderbird and Lightning to your Exchange calendar:

  1. In Thunderbird, click Edit > Synchronization Settings (TbSync)
  2. Click Account Actions > Add New Account > Exchange ActiveSync. Then pull down the Server Configuration menu to choose the Custom Configuration option.
  3. Name the account (perhaps, “Mines Exchange Calendar” or the like). Insert your full email address. Insert your MultiPass password used to access your Mines email. And specify as the server address. Click Add Account.
  4. In the right pane of the TbSync app, under the Synchronization Status tab, check the “Enable and synchronize this account” box. Found services will appear in the box below.
  5. Choose as many Exchange resources as you would like to synchronize (but Calendar at the very least).
  6. Enter a value (10 or 15 work well — shorter periods are not recommended) in the “Periodic synchronization (in minutes)” field.
  7. Click Synchronize Now. Your calendar (and other selected resources) will sync with Exchange at the interval specified.

If you have difficulty with any part of this process, feel free to ask for help via the Mines Help Center at



See this FAQfinder item for instructions on configuring Thunderbird to access Mines Exchange email in the cloud: Thunderbird email should be configured prior to setting up calendar access.

These FAQfinder items apply to Exchange email and calendar — used primarily by Mines Faculty and Staff — and not to student MyMail accounts.