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When you leave Mines — through graduation, withdrawal, or retirement — most of your accounts (email, Windows, Office365, Canvas, and more) are subject to immediate removal. It is up to you to save any documents, files, or data that you wish to preserve before your accouts are deactivated. For details of the account-deactivation schedule and process, see the FAQfinder item #006: When will my email (or other) accounts expire and be removed?

So, how do you preserve your data before it’s too late?

Windows lab users
Information stored in your personal homespace (accessed when you log into a computer in a Windows lab) should be transferred to a portable storage device, like a USB drive, well ahead of time.

MyMail and Office 365 users
Due to the school’s licensing agreements with Google and Microsoft, access to these services will be terminated the same day as account access is terminated. Any email forwarding you may have configured will be disabled. Any Office files you may have shared will no longer be available to those you have shared them with. This includes any documents your colleagues have used with the “add to drive” feature. They will need to download any shared documents then upload those documents to their Drive in order to retain a copy. Data held within or shared from your OneDrive or Google Drive will no longer be accessible by you or anyone else. Once your MyMail and Office 365 accounts are deleted we have no way of retrieving the data. We do not make backup copies of this data. Backups are your responsibility.

Office 365 licenses
Office 365 licenses will be disabled. If you have downloaded copies of office through the Mines Office 365 website the copies will be inactivated within 30 days of your account being terminated.

Login credentials
Are you using your Mines or MyMail addresses to sign into other services? If so, you need to unlink the address and use your own personal address. Once your accounts are deleted you will not be able to recover passwords or use services with your linked addresses. Unlink your accounts before it’s too late!

Do you have assignments and papers you might need in the future? Make sure to make copies. What about Canvas information or Windows (ADIT) files? Back those up as well.

Mines alumni email
The Colorado School of Mines Alumni Association offers @Alumni.Mines.EDU hosted Google accounts similar to your MyMail account. If you are interested in obtaining an address please contact the Colorado School of Mines Alumni Association at

Moving your MyMail messages (students)
Do you have another Gmail account where you could import MyMail messages? Follow the instructions below to download your mail to another account. Your Drive, Contacts, and Calendar information will need to be exported and imported since this process does not cover items other than email.

  1. You first need to make sure the Less Secure Apps setting is enabled (ON) for your MyMail account (not your personal Gmail account). Go to and make sure Less Secure Apps is enabled for your MyMail mailbox.
  2. Configure your Gmail IMAP/POP password if you haven’t already done so. This is not the same password that you use for your MyMail or Gmail account. To do so, navigate to and click Manage Your Account > Configure your Gmail IMAP/POP password. Write down the password and click Submit > OK > Continue.
  3. Login to your MyMail acount and click Settings > Forwarding POP/IMAP.
  4. Enable POP for all email and save your changes.
  5. On the same screen add a forwarding address and include your personal Gmail email address. This will forward all future incoming messages to your personal gmail account. You probably will not choose the option to keep a copy of this email in the MyMail mailbox, since the account is going away soon anyway.

In your personal Gmail account….

  1. Log into your personal gmail account.
  2. Click Settings > Accounts > Add a mail account you own.
  3. Enter your MyMail address and click Next. Y
    1. Your username is your entire MyMail address (
    2. The password is the IMAP/POP password you previously set for MyMail.
    3. The POP server address is
    4. The port is 995.
    5. Choose “Always use SSL connection.”
    6. Add the account. (Note that any existing labels will be lost during this process.)
    7. Check your MyMail account just in case a verification email was sent there.

MyMail messages will start downloading to your personal Gmail account. It may take a hour before the first messages start arriving. After a few days all of your MyMail messages should be transferred to the personal Gmail account. At that point, repeat the above process and remove your POP profile. Since the forwarding rule you set up is already sending a copy of any MyMail email to your personal Gmail account, having POP activated may cause duplicate mesages to appear.

If you have followed the steps then your mail should now be downloaded to your personal Gmail account. If you find that it isn’t working, go back and follow the instructions again one line at a time. Pay close attention to the first two steps.

Moving your Exchange email messages (faculty and staff)

Coming soon…

One Mines account that will not go away immediately is Trailhead. Your Trailhead login should stay active for approximately two years, to allow you to access personal information there.