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149: Why does my login to Mines services with Duo appear to fail?


When using the interface below, logging into a number of Mines services such as Canvas (seen here), library journals and databases, and others, may appear to fail in rare cases.

 Mines login screen

After attempting to log in, some users may see the following message:

Error message

The error message — “Authentication with Duo is required for the requested service.” — gives the impression that the form is freezing at this point. It seems that nothing can be done except clicking “Cancel this Request,” which then cancels your login attempt. (Not good!)

The most likely cause for this issue is a Javascript blocker extension/add-on installed on your browser for purposes of security or privacy. Examples are ScriptSafe for Google Chrome, or NoScript for Firefox, but there are many others. By default, these blockers disable all Javascript from running on any domain that is not configured otherwise. In some cases, particularly when using multi-factor (“Duo”) authentication, this will break your login to Mines services.

The fix here is simple: Whitelist both and (or whitelist each full domain, * and * to allow them to run Javascript.  Whitelisting Javascript on those domains means that future multi-factor logins using Duo will now proceed as expected. As an example, here’s how this process looks in ScriptSafe:

The ScriptSafe whitelisted items dialog box


To give a little more background information: Colorado School of Mines and ITS are at the beginning stages of rolling out multi-factor authentication across campus, using the vendor Duo Security. At the moment, however, the vast majority of our campus community is not enrolled in this project. So, for most, the problem described here is not an issue. For those with a Javascript blocker in place, it can be.